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Learning Dollars is a network of rockstar engineers ready to join your team. Engineers are financially incentivized to constantly grow and deepen their skills (i.e. python, react, AI, scraping, tensorflow for ML / deep learning, blockchain, Unity, etc).

Learning Dollars is a talent network of vetted software engineers, who are financially incentivized to constantly grow and deepen their skills. Our engineers are rockstars. They are the rare 1% who actually make it through our tough vetting and training. They are not only smart and creative, but also responsive and responsible. They have been held accountable for complex projects and have delivered. Engineers have aced the Learning Dollars tests and lab practicals in software engineering, algorithms, business communication, and mathematics. For each engineer we introduce you to, we will provide you their resumé and self-made screencast demos of their work (a.k.a. proof).

For engineers reading this, you can apply as an engineer here.

10 Hour Free Trial

Currently we are offering 10 free hours of engineering to any interested client who has a project and wants to try us out. To proceed with this trial, please schedule an appointment with us, or get in touch with us via the "Hire a Rockstar" form above or via chat in the bottom right.

How it works:

First, you chat with our talent specialists on our site or social media, or you fill the "Hire a Rockstar" form above.

Second, we schedule an appointment for you to discuss your needs in further detail with our talent specialists.

Third, your project record is created, and you are sent a contract and invoice for 20 hours (which you don't have to pay until your free trial ends).

Fourth, once you sign the contract, your project is approved and you are invited to a private slack channel for your project.

Fifth, you are updated daily in the project slack channel with your funded hours balance, which starts with your 10 free trial hours.

Sixth, a best-fit engineer is added to your project based on its skill needs.

Seventh, you work with the engineer for 10 hours.

Eighth you evaluate whether you want to pay the invoice for the next 20 hours.

Ninth, if you fund the next 20 hours, your project continues, and you can have us add, remove, or switch out engineers as you need.

Tenth, Learning Dollars supports your ongoing relationship with your engineer(s).

US Based Engineers

We do have select US-based contractors. Their rates are higher: $100+/hr and we do not offer a free trial for their services. Instead, we introduce you and the US-based contractor in a private slack channel and let your tech team interview the candidate. If you click, you can fund 20 hours and proceed with the US-based engineer.

Recruiting Full-time Employees with LD

We also do referrals for local full-time employees for a finder's fee (5K and only if you hire them). Such candidates generally have graduated from R1 universities in the US.

More testimonials and case studies can be found on our blog.

How it works: Top organizations, companies, and startups are using Learning Dollars to hire the rockstar talent of our world. We use AI algorithms to find you the best match for your project's needs. Our rates start at $35+/hr funded 20 hours ($700+) at time. As a client you can expect to retain your engineers as long as you fund invoices within 2 days of receipt and provide at least 5 hours worth of work to engineers on business days.

Don't waste your time interviewing candidates who are not worth it. All our candidate profiles come with screencast demos made by our engineers themselves. And, our matching algorithms make sure the right profiles get into your hands. Learning Dollars engineers are ready to become part of your team, and can even be tele-present via your office iPad. To proceed, please schedule an appointment with us, or get in touch with us via the "Hire a Rockstar" form above or via chat in the bottom right.


Our policy is simple.

For every successful client referral (500+ hours billed) you send us:

We send you $1000.

To make a referral, simply email info@learningdollars.com and CC the client you are referring.

To check on the status of a referral you have made, simply reply to the same email thread.

We'll take care of the rest.


If you're interested in working with our engineers, please book an appointment above. Or for shorter queries, use the chat in the bottom right.

Learning Dollars was founded in 2018 by Gobi Dasu and Girija Mittagunta, PhD at Stanford University in California. Much of the engineer vetting and training is inspired by Stanford University's Computer Science curriculum.