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Our clients include startups, large and mid-size companies, universities, and labs.

Vetted Motivated Developers

LD developers are the skilled few who make it through our tough vetting and training. They are smart, creative, responsive, and responsible. They have been held accountable for complex projects and have delivered. Click on some of them below to see what we mean.

The above of are just a small sample out of our large, vetted network.

You can invite developers of specific skill sets for contract or full-time opportunities.

How It Works and Pricing

You can invite developers of specific skill sets for contract or full-time opportunities. If they accept, you will be introduced in the LD Talent slack organization.

Only Pay for Work You Are Satisfied With

Contract developers track time in half hour work sessions. Funds are only released when you as a client explicitly approve their work sessions after reviewing their work. This way you only pay for work you are 100% satisfied with. Learn more.

5 Hour Free Trial
($100 Free Credit)


  • Slack Based Intros to Devs
  • Try any # of Devs
  • Slack-Based Time Tracking
  • No Credit Card Required
  • Slack-Based Support



  • Slack Based Intros to Devs
  • Try any # of Devs
  • Slack-Based Time Tracking
  • Paid after 5h Free Trial
  • Slack-Based Support



  • Slack Based Intros to Devs
  • Try Any # of Devs
  • Slack-Based Time Tracking
  • Paid after 1-2h Free Trial
  • Slack-Based Support


$1K - $5K

  • Email Based Intros to Devs
  • Request Referral to Devs
  • Right to Hire Directly
  • Pay 100 Days After Hire
  • Email-Based Support

  • The platform takes a 33% cut of what the client pays for rates up to $60/hr (i.e. if the client pays $21/hr, the developer gets $14/hr).
  • The platform takes a flat $20 cut of what the client pays for rates between $60/hr and $100/hr
  • The platform takes a 20% cut of what the client pays for rates above $100/hr.
  • To see how LD Talent uses the cut, please click here

A Comparison of Talent Platforms

Platform LD Talent Toptal Andela Gigster Recruiters, Linkedin Upwork
Free Trial
Pricing Intl: $20+/h
US: $40+/h
Full-time: $1-5K Fee
Intl: $60+/h
US: $120+/h
Intl: $50+/h Us & Intl: $50K+
(Fixed Price)
Full-time: $25K Fee Intl: $10+/h
US: $40+/h
Funding Can fund any amount Must Fund
1-2 weeks
Must Fund
1 month
Must Fund
Milestones 5K+
One-Time Fee Can fund any amount
Payment Pay only if satisfied with tracked time Must pay for all time tracked Must pay for all time tracked Must pay for milestones submitted Must pay for all time tracked Must pay for all time tracked
Buyout Options Buyout Available
($1-5K Fee)
N/A because Fixed Price $25K+ Opt-Out
Time Tracking Slack Based 30m Work Sessions Tracker or Work Logs Tracker or Work Logs N/A because Fixed Price N/A because Referral Time Tracker Screenshots

We've profiled more details about LD Talent and its competitors at

About LD Talent, and it's "learn-to-earn" culture

Since 2014, while at Stanford, Gobi Dasu noticed the high demand for qualified developers, the quality problems with online freelance engineering, and the high attrition rates in massive online open courses (MOOCs). After a number of experiments, in 2018 he launched an effective business model to address these problems with one platform. LD Talent (Learning Dollars Talent) is an endeavor not just in engineering, education, and incentives, but also in meaningful economic uplift and meeting industry's demand for talent. Our secret sauce is financially incentivized education of talent in our network, which lets us match you with quality engineers at affordable prices. Our goal is to solve the Computer Science skill gap. Industry wants the best and brightest talent but stigmatizes the need for engineers to constantly learn and grow. We have a culture where learning is embraced, and our training and vetting funnels bespeak these values.

  1. Each developer either goes through the LD Talent paid training pipeline or joins directly as an elite developer, depending on his or her existing university affiliations.

  2. The paid training pipeline includes training and vetting in Business Communication, Computer Science, Algorithms, Source Control, UNIX, Internet Concepts, and Elective Skills such as Full-Stack or Mobile Development, Machine Learning, Game Development, AR/VR, Blockchain, etc.

  3. Then, developers start accepting contract and/or full-time job opportunities.

  4. While developers are not assigned to a contract or hired for a full-time opportunity, they can choose to learn online and do paid passion projects to grow their skills. Doing these passion projects also help the developers get more and better matches.

  5. Finally, our talent matching algorithm is constantly learning about the developers’ changing knowledge, performance, responsiveness, reliability, and other critical attributes. It therefore helps you find the best-fit contract or full-time talent your company needs.

Knowledge Map Cheatsheets for Interdisciplinary Innovation

To support engineers with the above 5 steps of project building and learning, LD Talent actively maintains, a project with the goal to assemble all established knowledge into an efficient set of cheatsheets for interdisciplinary innovation.

Team Members

The founders of LD Talent are themselves software developers. They are affiliated with Stanford, Northwestern, UC Santa Cruz, and IIT Delhi. LD Talent is a company born out of the Stanford Venture Studio and The Northwestern Garage incubators.

Founder & CEO

Gobi Dasu

Founder & CTO

Girija Mittagunta


The Northwestern Garage


Stanford Venture Studio

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