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Learning Dollars is using education and technology to fix online freelancing.

LD is using education and technology to fix online freelancing. We produce digital products (apps, sites, marketing, AI-as-a-service) developed by certified freelancers who have been financially incentivized to ace world-class MOOCs.

View our suite of digital products and services (websites, apps, marketing etc.) here. We have a distinct suite digital products with built-in quality tracking (DevOps/CI) and analytics tools. We charge an extremely affordable price for this level of quality: $25/hr. You fund 20 freelancing hours at a time ($500), and then our freelancers work those hours with time-tracked screencast logs.


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Freelancers (Clients read this too)

Apply as a freelancer here. So why are we "Learning Dollars"? Because we literally pay you to learn. In this survey, we do a thorough background check, we inculcate good working habits that promote productivity, we do an IQ test, and finally we give a creativity and divergent thinking assessment. When you pass (you can take the survey as many times as you want), we train you into one of our roles through MOOCs. You get paid a certain fixed amount for each module you pass. Once you finish our intensive training, you'll certainly be an expert, and your job is converted from "fixed price" to "hourly".


To contact us, please complete the client or freelancer surveys, or book an appointment. You can email info[AT]learningdollars[DOT]com, but we prefer the above two methods. Learning Dollars was founded in 2014 by Gobi Dasu, a Computer Science student at Stanford University in California.