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Abdenour D


I'm a motivated, creative, and very social person (with a good sense of humour). Used to work under pressure. I have experience in coding paired with an interest in entrepreneurship.

Skills:   Firebase  ·  Google Maps API  ·  React native  ·  Stripe API  ·  Socket.IO  ·  React  ·  ChartJS  · 
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DZMob     VisioJob     Front End Developer     Employment
Sep 2020 - Nov 2020

  • I used React Native to reimplement more than 25 screens, in addition to the main features and the existing ones. I added more such as uploading and viewing CV pdf / img, self presenting by video, etc.
  • I used Firebase to implement the push notifications.
  • I used Google Maps Api to get the location of both the company and the employer (state, city, etc.)

Skills used: Google Maps API, Firebase, React native

Link to the project:
DZMob     WOOK     Front End Developer     Employment
Jun 2020 - Sep 2020

  • I used React native to implement the UI/UX of more than 30 screens which contain, in addition to the main features: chat, listing offers, profiles, statistics, and also the payment screen.
  • I used Google Maps Api to get the location of both the requester and the jobber (state, city, etc.)
  • I used Firebase to implement the push notification system.
  • I used Socket.IO to implement the chat (real time messagings between the jobber and the requester).
  • I used Stripe API to implement the online payment (via credit cards).

Skills used: React native, Socket.IO, Firebase, Google Maps API, Stripe API

ANBT (Agence Nationale des Barrages et Transfert)     ANBT's Park follower     Front End Developer     Internship
Aug 2019 - Sep 2019

  • I used React to develop and implement the main feature plus a dashboard that contains listing of employees and their machines (pc, printer, modem, etc.) and also other statistical infos.
  • I used ChartJS to implement the statistical screen and to show some graphs and some more info.

Skills used: React, ChartJS

Link to the github:


higher national school of computer science Algiers    engineering  (Computer Science)
Sep 2016 - Jun 2021