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Abhinav S - Microservices developer
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Abhinav S

I am someone who comes from an entrepreneurial background and enjoys engineering challenges and building solutions. I have experience in a variety of engineering sub-domains like Machine Learning, Data Science, Natural Language Processing, Browser automation, Microservices design, Cloud computing (AWS / Azure), ReactJS etc

Skills:   Microservices  ·  Python  ·  Agile  ·  Machine learning  ·  Natural language processing  ·  Typescript  ·  AWS  ·  React  ·  NextJS  · 
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Hourly Rate: $37.50
Experience: 3+ yrs
Microservices: 2+ yrs
Python: 2 yrs
Agile: 2 yrs
Machine learning: 2 yrs
Natural language processing: 2 yrs
Typescript: 1 yrs
AWS: 1 yrs
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Proximity Labs Pvt. Ltd.     ESPN Cricinfo Rewrite     Full Stack Developer     Contract
Feb 2020 - Aug 2020

  • Worked on the upgrade of the frontend into a performant progressive web app (PWA) based on ReactJS (via NextJS server side rendering) with intuitive UX, performance and caching as the core concerns.
  • Implemented the ad-injection system such as Bet365 etc along with the GDPR compliant analytics system.
  • Ported the monolithic Perl/MySQL based codebase into a modern microservices architecture which a Core-API and Consumer-API based multi-tiered architecture to improve performance and caching.
  • The entire project was written in TypeScript and was engineered using the Type Driven Development, resulting in a huge reduction in the common JavaScript issues
  • Implemented the AWS DevOps and edge location based caching to reduce the first (and subsequent) load time for the website

Skills used: React, AWS, Typescript, NextJS, Microservices

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Cyber Indian App Stores Pvt. Ltd.     India App Stores and Devnagri     Chief Technology Officer     Employment
Aug 2017 - Feb 2019

  • Lead the 15 person engineering and design teams using Agile Development best practices.
  • Worked closely with key large B2B customers and product team to inform product decisions and roadmap.
  • Built a python based natural language processing engine (Vaani) based on machine learning to do initial translations, cross-platform CLI tool in Go, web scrapers, data transformation services, etc
  • Was deeply involved in recruiting, performance reviews, salary decisions and promotion of employees as well as the architectural level decisions such as microservices.
  • Represented the company at various conferences like FICCI India, ILIA and Rise Conf 2018 (APAC’s biggest tech conference).

Skills used: Python, Microservices, Natural language processing, Agile, Machine learning


International Institute of Information Technology    Post Graduate Diploma  (Data Science)
Mar 2019 - Apr 2020
Delhi Technological University    Bachelor of Technology  (Information Tecchnology)
Aug 2012 - Aug 2016 career accelerator    career accelerator  (Full stack remote engineering)
Jun 2019 - Sep 2019