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Ajibola O

I am a self-taught programmer. My stack includes basic frontend functionalities such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript and backend logic such NodeJS, ruby, swift and database management with MongoDB. With these technologies, I have enjoyed building dynamic and responsive applications that have pushed my limit as a developer. As I continue to climb the dev ladder, I hope to build and test software that powers air transport and other aviation ventures as the industry expands beyond our world.

Skills:   WebSockets  ·  Bootstrap  ·  Nodejs  ·  HTML  ·  CSS  ·  JavaScript  ·  REST  ·  CSS Flex  ·  Stripe API  · 

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Self-Employed     Purrfect Match     Software Engineer     Passion Project
Sep 2020 - Present
Arts and Entertainment

  • I used HTML as a markup language to create texts that users can read on the landing page.
  • I used CSS and Bootstrap to improve the user experience and potentially drive traffic to the application and retain users.
  • I used NodeJS to connect my web servers and javascript to make the website interactive and responsive.
  • NPM packages such as express and fullfillment were used to optimise the webpage and enable functionality of my chatbot.
  • I used websockets to build a real time an open chat forum where users can interact with each other without restrictions.

Skills used: JavaScript, HTML, Nodejs, Bootstrap, CSS, WebSockets

Link to the project:

Link to the github:
Self-Employed     E-commerce website     Web Developer     Passion Project
Dec 2020 - Present

  • HTML as the standard markup language to include text for viewers to see on the web page.
  • Bootstrap and CSS flex was used to display product images on the webpage.
  • I used Javascript to automate the shopping cart, users can select products and proceed to checkout as they wish.
  • I used Nodejs to connect the payment gateway server.
  • the stripe api is used as a gateway to receive payments.

Skills used: JavaScript, CSS Flex, Nodejs, Bootstrap, HTML, Stripe API

Link to the project:

Link to the github:
Self-Employed     Real Estate Data Input     Software Engineer     Contract
Nov 2020 - Present
Real Estate

  • The HTML table tag used as the regular markup language to create a structure that would receive data.
  • CSS was used to make the table responsive and user friendly.
  • I used javascript to call the API that would supply data to the table using REST principles.

Skills used: JavaScript, REST, HTML, CSS

Link to the github:


University of Hull    LLB  (Law)
Oct 2010 - Jun 2014
Chartered Institute of Arbitrators    Member  (Commercial Arbitration)
Mar 2017 - Aug 2019