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Brian M

I am a scientist by profession, and I have a bachelor's degree in Animal Production and Technology. I started coding several years ago as an initiative to develop better mechanisms to handle research data. This process grew my interest in coding and I started building small applications after that. My research background helps me build applications that are more battle-tested, simple, and elegant to understand. Outside work, I enjoy bike rides but walking gives me more time to look around.

Skills:   Git  ·  Firebase  ·  ExpressJS  ·  Heroku  ·  Sequelize  ·  MySQL  ·  Flutter  ·  Stripe API  ·  Vue.js  ·  SQLite  ·  Dart  ·  Rabbit MQ  · 
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MtejaOps     MtejaOps Tenant Agent, Owner Application     Fullstack developer     Contract
Apr 2020 - Jul 2021
Real Estate

  • I used nodejs and expressjs to build a rest API service and Sequelize, MySQL ORM to communicate with the database while keeping it modularized for better maintainability.
  • The API was deployed to Heroku with PM2 for load balancing and handling restarts. I used google cloud APIs, Firebase messaging, to generate prompt notifications when handling dues.
  • I used flutter and dart to consume the API in a secure way. The tokens were secured using the Hive encryption mechanism and bloc to maintain state throughout the entire application
  • I deployed the application using Google Playstore services.
  • Stored the project in Github and used Git for tracking changes.

Skills used: Flutter, Firebase, Heroku, MySQL, ExpressJS, Git, Sequelize

Link to the project:
Dukaree     Dukaree Captains     Mobile Devloper     Employment
Apr 2021 - Jul 2021
Consumer Goods

  • Developed a user interface from scratch using Figma to create a new interface
  • Developed a user interface from designs using Flutter and Dart. Consumed backend APIs using the Get Dio library to manage state and handle authenticated routing.
  • Used Git for better versioning and change tracking
  • I used saved the data from the consumed APIs to a local database using Flutter Floor, a wrapper for dart SQLite.

Skills used: Flutter, Dart, Git, SQLite

Dukaree     Enterprise     Mobile Developer     Employment
Apr 2021 - Jul 2021
Consumer Goods

  • Consumed APIs using Flutter Get connect which is built on DIO and synced the data to the backend using Floor, a SQLite wrapper for Dart.
  • Built the application from the design to a coded user interface.
  • I utilized the Rabbit MQ messaging queueing mechanism to develop a high-performance notification service that shows as custom platform specific notifications.

Skills used: Flutter, Rabbit MQ, Dart, SQLite

Studykale     Lead Developer     Contract
Mar 2020 - Feb 2021

  • I used Firebase Firestore to manage user data and handle authentication between user and backend.
  • I created a design and implemented it using Vue.js framework and Buefy a CSS framework while leveraging Vue's vuex state management library to persist data across browser rtabs refresh.
  • Built chatbot using crisp chat to help support team communication better with incoming clients.
  • The project requires payment services. I combined Firebase Functions and Stripe APIs to create a secure payment process.
  • Used Git for versioning the project and tracking changes for bug fixes.

Skills used: Firebase, Stripe API, Git, Vue.js


Kisii University    Bsc  (Animal Production and Technology)
Aug 2014 - Apr 2018

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