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Cedric K

Passionate IT Engineer always looking for new ways to do things.

Skills:   Linux  ·  Trello  ·  Microsoft Excel  ·  Data visualization  ·  Agile  ·  Cloud Migration  ·  SQL  ·  TCP/IP  ·  Docker  ·  Kubernetes  · 
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Hourly Rate: $25.00
Experience: 8 yrs
Linux: 2+ yrs
Trello: 2 yrs
Microsoft Excel: 2 yrs
Data visualization: 2 yrs
Agile: 1+ yrs
Cloud Migration: 1+ yrs
SQL: 1 yrs
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Huawei Managed Service Providers     CLoud and Infra Engieer     Cloud Engineer     Employment
May 2021 - Present

  • Docker: participate in all aspects of software development lifecycle for cloud solutions, including planning development, testing, and quality assurance
  • Kubernetes: manage all kubernetes infrastructures and components
  • Cloud Migration: troubleshoot incidents, identify root causes, fix and document problems
  • Monitor all Cloud related activities with a permanent audit

Skills used: Cloud Migration, Kubernetes, Docker

Huawei Managed Service Providers     HARDWARE & SOFTWARE LICENSE Upgrade     Site Reliability Engineer     Employment
Jul 2019 - Nov 2020

  • Linux: Check all CPU and Memory Utilisation for details around licenses
  • Microsoft Excel: identification of all related connected equipments (HLR-STP-Switch-Firewall-MSC) and update all the related Architecture and Design documentation
  • Agile: Migration Planning, acceptance tests with all Rollback and Rollout Procedures
  • Trello: update all Architecture documents and save them on Sharepoint
  • Data Visualization: record and visualize license utilisation to check the trends and the pictures

Skills used: Agile, Microsoft Excel, Trello, Data visualization, Linux

Huawei Managed Service Providers     SMS Protect Firewall Integration     Site Reliability & Project Engineer     Employment
Dec 2018 - Jun 2019

  • Cloud migration: identification of types of traffic that could be impacted by the migrations (peer to applications, peer to peer, application to application)
  • TCP/IP: identify all connectivity flow between network equipments (MSC-HLR-SW-FW-STP)
  • Linux: check connectivity and processes on all servers
  • SQL: Plan migration between the 2 sites with disaster recovery (backing all sites before migration)
  • Trello: update all engineering documents with operation procedures and save all documents on a Sharepoint

Skills used: TCP/IP, Cloud Migration, SQL, Linux, Trello

Orange Cameroon     Public Offers Redesign and Development     IT Support     Employment
Feb 2014 - Jun 2014

  • Microsoft Excel: gather all offer details with their connectivity with billing system
  • Sql: test all required offers and query related logs of any failure
  • Linux: check all providers connected to the system and their traffic
  • Data Visualization: visualize details of all offers' utilization with their trends and check the most important ones to be migrated
  • USSD: develop and test all offers on USSD platform

Skills used: SQL, Microsoft Excel, Data visualization, Linux


University Of Douala    Master Degree  (Computer Science)
Oct 2013 - Jul 2015
National Adanced School of Post and Telecom    B. SC  (Telecommunications and Computer Science)
Oct 2008 - Jul 2011