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Chukwualuka C - React developer
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Chukwualuka C

I am a full stack developer with experience working on both mobile and web applications. I have used technologies like TypeScript, Node.js, React, React Native to build excellent applications that have efficiently met users' demands

Skills:   React  ·  JavaScript  ·  Vue.js  ·  Docker  ·  Typescript  ·  React native  ·  Nodejs  ·  Postgres  ·  MongoDB  ·  GraphQL  · 
Weekly Availability: 63 hours
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Invite for Interview
Hourly Rate: $19.00
Experience: 3+ yrs
React: 3+ yrs
JavaScript: 2+ yrs
Vue.js: 2+ yrs
Docker: 2+ yrs
Typescript: 2 yrs
React native: 2 yrs
Nodejs: 2 yrs
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AppJobs Sweden AB     AppJobs Mobile App     Developer     Employment
Mar 2020 - Present

  • I worked with TypeScript and React Native to build a mobile application that helps gig workers organise their gigs and get insights into their work
  • I worked on the application from conception till it was put in users hands

Skills used: React native, Typescript

AppJobs Sweden AB     AppJobs Website     Developer     Employment
Jan 2020 - Present

  • I used JavaScript, Vue.js and React to build this web application that links gig workers with gigs in over 1000 cities in the world. Docker was used to ensure a better development experience
  • The application has more than a million registered users

Skills used: React, Docker, JavaScript, Vue.js

Bloverse     Bloverse App     Developer     Employment
Oct 2019 - Jan 2020
Media and Communication

  • I worked with JavaScript, Docker, Vue.js, and Nodejs to build a system that allowed users write and publish news articles. The Bloverse platform is a social platform for sharing content
  • I worked on both user facing features as well as tools that would help developers have a more streamlined development experience

Skills used: Docker, JavaScript, Vue.js, Nodejs

Andela     Author's Haven     Software Developer     Employment
Jun 2019 - Sep 2019

  • I used Nodejs and React to build the Author's Haven platform, a fully responsive web application that connected content creators as well as allowed them share their content with their audience
  • The application was hosted on Heroku and served users across different countries

Skills used: React, Nodejs

CCEC Inc     Chat Wizard     Software Developer     Employment
Aug 2018 - Jun 2019

  • I built the CCEC chat wizard with Nodejs, React, GraphQL, and MongoDB. This allowed for effective user communication
  • I also built the Banka App with Nodejs, Postgres, and vanilla JavaScript. The app is a banking application that allows users create bank account and do bank transactions

Skills used: React, MongoDB, GraphQL, Postgres, Nodejs


University of Nigeria, Nsukka    B.Sc 
Sep 2007 - Aug 2011