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Elijah G - Nodejs developer
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Elijah G

A mobile application developer with interest in Machine Learning.

Skills:   Nodejs  ·  React native  ·  Java  ·  Android native app development  ·  Socket.IO  ·  Python  ·  React  ·  Redux  · 
Weekly Availability: 56 hours
Mon 05 - 15 22 - 08
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Hourly Rate: $18.00
Experience: 3+ yrs
Nodejs: 2+ yrs
React native: 2+ yrs
Java: 2+ yrs
Android native app development: 2+ yrs
Socket.IO: 1+ yrs
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Android Tablet

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Johny burger hacker company     bestande     Software Engineer     Contract
Jun 2020 - Jul 2020

  • I used Redux to manage the auth state and courses of the user allowing him or her to login
  • I developed React native authentication Screens such as Login , Forgot Password and Sign in using styled components

Skills used: Redux, React native

UptechAfrica     Software Developer     Contract
Mar 2020 - Jul 2020

  • I used Python to build an api that perfomed routing optimization using google or tools
  • I used Nodejs develop endpoints to serve the client facing application to perform action i.1 login, book trips
  • Used socket.IO to develop tracking of realtime tracking of the drivers
  • I built two React native apps one for the driver ,second for the client

Skills used: Socket.IO, Nodejs, React, Python, React native

Inuua     Employment     Software Engineer     Employment
Oct 2018 - Mar 2020

  • Built an Sms marketing system using Nodejs and Africa stalking. increased retention to their suppliers by 80%
  • Built an offline first React native Stock Tool to dispatch and receive supplies in a building site

Skills used: Nodejs, React native

Opportunity Bank     Galaxy Connect     Software Engineer     Contract
Jul 2018 - Oct 2019

  • Android native app development to dispatch payments to refugees via a manifest that a NGO provides
  • I integrated a native c++ lib to java application to support fingerprints to reduce double payment and provide proof of payment to NGO

Skills used: Java, Android native app development

GritSpot(BeatBox)     Outdoor Gym     Software Developer     Employment
Feb 2018 - Jan 2019

  • used React native to build a gym sign in application
  • the application used Socket.IO to link the application to the smart watch to post your heart rate so the manager could watch your health
  • used Nodejs to serve as the backend for the application

Skills used: Socket.IO, Nodejs, React native

CompWeb System(Ezzy Books)     Milk Sacco     Software Developer     Contract
Apr 2017 - Dec 2017
Food and Agriculture

  • Android native app development for Milk Sacco to collect milk information in the morning
  • Used Java to develop the application

Skills used: Java, Android native app development


Moi University    B.Sc  (Informatics)
Feb 2012 - Oct 2017