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Hammed N - React developer
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Hammed N

I am a software engineer with so much love for solving problems and providing solutions that add value to the organization's core goal

Skills:   React  ·  Postgres  ·  Nodejs  ·  ExpressJS  ·  SQL  ·  Redux  ·  Chrome Extension Development  ·  JavaScript  · 
Weekly Availability: 46 hours
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Hourly Rate: $20.00
Experience: 2+ yrs
React: 2+ yrs
Postgres: 2+ yrs
Nodejs: 2+ yrs
ExpressJS: 2+ yrs
SQL: 2+ yrs
Redux: 2+ yrs
Chrome Extension Development: 1 yrs
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Andela     Author haven     Full Stack Developer     Employment
Sep 2018 - Sep 2020

  • Author haven application is a clone
  • I worked as member of both frontend and backend team for building the project.
  • I also led the team for 2 weeks as we switched leadership bi-weekly.
  • I used Nodejs/Express for backend and React/Redux for the frontend
  • I used React to implement sign-in feature where users sign-in with email authentication. I achieved this using send grid.

Skills used: Redux, Nodejs, React

Links to the github:
Andela     MyDiary     Full Stack Developer     Employment
Sep 2018 - Sep 2020

  • Journal entry application which allow users to pen down their thought on the goal
  • I used express for the backend with Postgres and React/Redux for the frontend
  • The backend is written with raw SQL
  • I used ExpressJS as node framework because it has a good routing architecture and also express has a good community
  • I created sign-in and sign-up with express using Json web token for authentication and authorization, I also created other feature like add-entry, get-all-entries, delete-entry with express

Skills used: Redux, React, SQL, ExpressJS, Postgres

Link to the project:

Link to the github:
Button Inc     Software engineer     Software Developer     Contract
Oct 2019 - May 2020

  • I created the design for an in-house autofill chrome extension development
  • I fixed bugs for button publishers' brands on the JavaScript-bridge then test and debug it on IOS simulator and Android emulator.
  • I worked with a team of 3 member to build a price comparison chrome extension.
  • I worked on a feature to create a chrome extension popup as modal
  • I fixed brand's bugs on the javascript bridge and javascript Api with Nodejs

Skills used: Nodejs, Chrome Extension Development, JavaScript


University of Ilorin  (Mathematics)
Oct 2010 - Oct 2014