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Himanshu S - Power BI developer
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Himanshu S

Data Analyst

Highly analytical and process-oriented data analyst with almost two years of experience interpreting and analyzing data to drive successful business solutions. Innovative thinker who maximizes productivity and profitability by transforming technology plans into powerful business solutions. A quick learner, adaptable, and flexible individual who assists clients in a dynamic business environment.

Skills:   Power BI  ·  Tableau  ·  SQL  ·  ETL Extract Transform Load  ·  Data Analytics  ·  Data visualization  · 
Weekly Availability: 45 hours
Mon 07 - 16 23 - 08
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Experience: 3 yrs
Power BI: 3 yrs
Tableau: 3 yrs
SQL: 3 yrs
ETL Extract Transform Load: 3 yrs
Data Analytics: 3 yrs
Data visualization: 1 yrs
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WNS Global Services     Pharma Analytics     Data Analyst     Employment
Jul 2018 - Present

  • Developed several complex and reusable dashboards to facilitate one time, daily, monthly, and yearly loading of data using Tableau/Power BI & Alteryx
  • Created dashboard designing with effective data visualization of large data volumes from various data sources (SQL server, oracle, spreadsheets etc).ETL Extract Transform Load
  • Became the first team member to schedule daily and weekly reports and introduce the Alteryx Server for client
  • Worked one to one with stakeholders to deliver project requirements individually and handled day to day analytic requests
  • Collected, cleaned and generated modeling and analysis of structured and unstructured data used for major business initiatives and data analytics

Skills used: ETL Extract Transform Load, Power BI, Tableau, Data Analytics, SQL

WNS Global Services     Pharma Analytics     Data Analyst     Internship
Sep 2018 - Jul 2019

  • Optimized data collection procedures and generated daily and weekly reports ETL Extract Transform Load
  • Automated the data gathering process of daily reports from SFTP server using Python & Alteryx
  • Skillfully utilized data analytics tools, including SQL, Tableau, and Alteryx to generate key trends using data visualization
  • Automated the target list distribution of emails for new brand launches and leveraged 3 to 4 days on monthly basis

Skills used: ETL Extract Transform Load, Data visualization, Tableau, Data Analytics, SQL


Chitkara University    Bachelor of engineering  (Computer Science)
Aug 2015 - Jul 2019