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Joel K

Hi! I am Joel, a software engineer who specializes in mobile software development. I have done projects in the property management system, student class attendance to capture an e-commerce WordPress website. I have taken courses in Java, HTML, CSS, JavaScript,Cybersecurity and Machine Learning. What sets me apart from other engineers is that I am an enthusiastic software developer eager to contribute to team success through hard work, attention to detail, and excellent organizational skills.

Skills:   Java  ·  SQLite  ·  Wordpress  ·  CSS  ·  Material Design  ·  PHP  ·  MySQL  · 
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ThreeModern Systems     Property Manager     Software Engineer     Internship
Nov 2020 - Jan 2021

  • The application not only helps in managing all kind of individual and cooperate properties but also keeps track of all financial records in an automated fashion. It generates all financial statement.
  • It also allows the transactions to be carried out within the system with the help of Mpesa APIS therefore it helps in complying with financial accounting standards.
  • I used Java and php for backend. the database is MySQL
  • Material design was implemented on the UI

Skills used: Java, Material Design, PHP, MySQL

Kibabii University     Darwin’s Liquor     Web Developer     Contract
Dec 2019 - Feb 2020
Consumer Goods

  • I used WordPress because it is free to install, deploy, and upgrade. Thousands of plugins and templates power a flexible and simple interface, which reduces development costs and deployment time
  • I used CSS to design the content and the interface of different web pages on the website

Skills used: Wordpress, CSS

Link to the project:
Kibabii University     StudentAttendanceCapture     Android Developer     Course Project
Feb 2019 - Jul 2019

  • I used Java to develop the components of my application and also the GUI for the application
  • I used SQLite because it supports standard relational DB features: SQL syntax, transactions and prepared statements. This database requires limited memory at run-time (say 250 KB).

Skills used: SQLite, Java

Link to the github:


Kibabii University    B.SC in IT  (Information Technology)
Sep 2016 - Sep 2020


Java    Developers Student Club of Kibabii University
Aug 2019 - Jun 2020
Skills learnt: Java, Machine learning
Machine Learning    Developers Student Club of Kibabii University
Sep 2019 - Dec 2019
Skills learnt: Java, Machine learning
CyberSecurity    ISACA, Kenya
Jan 2020 - Feb 2020
Skills learnt: Cyber Security, Web scrapers

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