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Kelvin M

I'm a Kenyan based Software Engineer who loves to write code, build great products and solve problems. I enjoy learning new things, football and video games.

Skills:   Django  ·  REST  ·  Python  ·  Linux  ·  Bash  ·  GraphQL  ·  React  ·  Flask  · 
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Experience: 3 yrs
Django: 3 yrs
REST: 3 yrs
Python: 3 yrs
Linux: 2+ yrs
Bash: 2 yrs
GraphQL: 1 yrs
React: 1 yrs
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Adrian Kenya     Adrian Resource Planning     Software Developer     Employment
Apr 2020 - Present

  • Scaled the API performance by changing the code into a multi-database design by taking advantage of Postgres replication to improve database reads and writes in the system.
  • Scaled the API performance by increasing the web servers and using a nginx load balancer to route the traffic.
  • Automated all deployment processes on the backend and frontend using circle CI using bash scripts to a linux server.
  • Took up the technical team lead role and analysed users' needs and found applications to serve them.
  • Actively developed the API in use using the Python Django Rest frame work.

Skills used: Linux, Django, Bash, REST, Python

Jambo Pay     Tatu-city/ Analytics Dashboard     Software Engineer     Contract
Aug 2019 - Mar 2020

  • I worked on an incident management system for a third party client (Tatu city) where clients/customers are able to raise tickets and follow up on issues raised using Python Django.
  • I implemented single sign-on where a user signed in on the payments platform could easily move to the incidents platform with Restful endpoints.
  • I worked on an analytics api tool to show how the different products were performing, did deployments on a Linux server and integrations with other systems.

Skills used: Django, Python, REST, Linux

Andela Kenya     Converge     Software Engineer     Employment
Dec 2018 - Oct 2019

  • Worked on optimising analytics queries when working on the converge meeting room application on a Flask/GraphQL queries.
  • Worked on assigning resources to rooms in the backend using SQLAlchemy association objects.
  • Worked as a full stack developer using Python Django and React.
  • Worked as a backend engineer at hall of fame where I worked with Django rest.

Skills used: GraphQL, Flask, Django, REST, React, Python


University Of Nairobi    Applied Mathematics 
Jan 2014 - Dec 2018