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Leonard U

I build great products for businesses that make their customers happy. I'm reliable. I was promoted to a position where I contribute to new concepts because I was so consistent in designing product features. I'm a happy, optimistic and hardworking person. I grin whenever an opportunity arises where I can make a significant impact on products.

Skills:   HTML  ·  CSS  ·  React  ·  Adobe XD  ·  JavaScript  ·  Git  ·  Webflow  ·  UX Design  ·  Python  · 
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SeerBit     Payment Gateway     Web Developer     Employment
Aug 2019 - Present

  • I used React, HTML and CSS to handle the site responsiveness.
  • UI development for the partnering body.
  • I design with Figma and adobe XD primarily.
  • Empowering seamless payment in Africa.

Skills used: HTML, React, CSS, Adobe XD

Link to the project:
Udemy     Expenses App     Software Developer     Course Project
Mar 2021 - Mar 2021

  • In the expenses app, I used Javascript primarily.
  • Also applied the knowledge of HTML and CSS.

Skills used: HTML, CSS, JavaScript

Link to the project:

Link to the github:
Blinqpay     Payment Gateway     Web Developer     Contract
Nov 2020 - Dec 2020

  • Created a high quality landing page with Figma (UX design).
  • Created a mobile version of the landing page with Figma (UX design).

Skills used: UX Design

Link to the project:

Link to the github:
Udemy     Responsive Website     Web Developer     Course Project
Sep 2020 - Nov 2020
Food and Agriculture

  • I used HTML to create a well structured landing page which converts potential visitors.
  • I used CSS to beautify the website.

Skills used: HTML, CSS

Link to the project:

Link to the github:
UBA     UBA Open API     Web Developer     Contract
Mar 2020 - May 2020

  • Enhancing financial services and processes in Africa.
  • I used React to make a more responsive web page.
  • Git was used to commit significant progress of the project.
  • I used CSS for the necessary adjustment of the page styling.

Skills used: React, Git, CSS

Link to the project:
TrySpace     WebPage summarizer     Software Developer     Passion Project
Oct 2019 - Nov 2019

  • Summarize a web page into 10 sentences.
  • I used python to create tool that summarizes any web page with reasonable content.

Skills used: Python

Link to the project:

Link to the github:
Hotelng     Hospitality Management     Front End Developer     Contract
Jul 2019 - Sep 2019

  • I used HTML, CSS and Javascript for the onboarding platform where the new students interact.
  • UI Design for the platform - here is the place where students pickup their tasks.
  • Created a team web landing page using Webflow

Skills used: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Webflow


Federal University of Technology, Akure    B.Eng  (Engineering)
Jan 2014 - Nov 2018


Complete Javascript    Udemy
Jul 2020 - Dec 2020
Skills learnt: JavaScript
Responsive Website    Udemy
Aug 2020 - Dec 2020
Skills learnt: HTML
Responsive Website    Udemy
Sep 2020 - Dec 2020
Skills learnt: CSS