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Joyce N

Hi! I am Joyce, a pro-active full stack developer with great experience in developing web applications, application programming interfaces and windows services to perform automated tasks that run in the background. I find it easy to adapt to new technologies, frameworks and libraries to use them to develop production applications.

Skills:   C#  ·  SQL  ·  Visual Studio  ·  Microsoft SQL Server  ·  ASP.NET  ·  CSS  ·  Bootstrap  ·  Postman  · 
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Pegasus Technologies Ltd     Addition of new system features on the Ministry of Environment and Water System     Software Developer     Contract
Apr 2020 - Nov 2020
Natural Resources and Mining

  • Created an interface that allows users to upload repeated customers meters to cleaned from the system using css and
  • Used JavaScript to generate reports(in pdf) of all repeated customer accounts/meters that have been removed from the active database that is being used for daily activities.
  • Added a feature that allows billing officers to reverse wrongly generated bills in the water billing system. I used c# ,sql,visual studio and sql server.
  • I used Bootstrap classes to design buttons/widgets.

Skills used: SQL, C#, ASP.NET, Bootstrap, CSS, Visual Studio

Link to the project:
Pegasus Technologies Ltd     Support for Ministry of Water and Environment water bill payments via the Bank Counter(Centenary Bank Uganda)     Software Developer     Contract
Nov 2019 - Mar 2020
Natural Resources and Mining

  • I used c# to design an application programming interface that has api calls that centenary bank uses to notify over the counter payments to Ministry of water.
  • I used postman to simulate requests and as well fire them to the endpoint that the bank calls to notify over the counter payments.
  • I used Microsoft Visual Studio as the development tool for writing code/application programs.
  • Used Microsoft SQL Server for data storage and retrieval.

Skills used: SQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Postman, Visual Studio, C#

Link to the project:
Pegasus Technologies Ltd     Brightlife(FINCA) payments via MTN network     Full Stack Developer     Contract
Sep 2019 - Nov 2019

  • I used postman for api testing to ensure that the FINCA endpoint was working as expected before integration in the application could start off.
  • I used C# to handle transaction requests from the telecom and send them to the FINCA endpoint.
  • Used Microsoft sql server as a data source for storing and retrieving customer's payments/transaction details.

Skills used: Microsoft SQL Server, SQL, Postman, C#

Link to the project:
Pegasus Technologies Ltd     USSD integration with telecoms to support mobile payments     Full Stack Developer     Contract
Jul 2019 - Sep 2019

  • I used C# to add a power vendor's payment option on the USSD menu to allow people in rural areas pay for electricity using mobile platforms without having to walk to company offices to deliver cash.
  • I used postman to test connectivity to the vendor's application programming interface (Api) which i used for validation of customer meters that are to receive the power once successfully paid for.
  • I used Microsoft SQL server to create databases that stored client's data i.e payment details for power/electricity purchased.
  • I used to avail a feature that would allow users to view payments in the sql server database via a web browser without the need of first querying the database using sql commands.
  • I used CSS and Bootstrap to design the appearance of the web page such that it was user friendly to end users i.e easy page navigation.

Skills used: ASP.NET, Microsoft SQL Server, Bootstrap, CSS, Postman, C#

Link to the project:
Uganda Revenue Authority     Naming Campaign Tool     Web Developer     Contract
Jun 2018 - Aug 2018

  • I used c# to add a feature that displays to the user the remaining number of days and time to the closure of receipt of user submissions into the system.
  • Used sql to check if a user hand already made an earlier submission in the system, the system automatically rejected the second submission since the user already had an existing entry in the system.
  • Microsoft SQL Server was used for data storage and retrieval.

Skills used: Microsoft SQL Server, SQL, C#


Makerere University    Bachelor of Science in Software engineering 
Jul 2015 - Jan 2020