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Olupot D

I'm a flexible, open-minded, and innovative individual.

Skills:   Java  ·  Python  ·  Vue.js  ·  Go  ·  MariaDB  ·  Microsoft SQL Server  ·  REST  ·  Nuxt.js  ·  OracleDB  ·  Postgres  ·  Arduino  ·  C#  ·  C  ·  Embedded Software  · 
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Neptune Software Group     Lead software engineer     Software Engineer     Employment
Jan 2020 - Present

  • I led and implemented a remote account opening service android app using Java to scan and extract MZR data from identity cards.
  • I was also responsible for implementation of the backend service using Spring boot. This service uses JWT based authentication, Hibernate JPA for database management and ActiveMQ for message passing
  • Implemented a backend RESTFul service to handle reporting and user setup with Go. This service uses JWT based authentication & GORM for database management.
  • Designed and built a front end using Vue.js connected to the backend service power by the Go with result paging and sorting capabilities.
  • Wrote python scripts to automate setup tasks such as continuous deployment allowing me focus on development and worry less about deployment.

Skills used: Python, Java, Vue.js, Go

Neptune Software Group     SMS Banking     Full Stack Developer     Employment
Jul 2019 - Sep 2019

  • I designed and developed a frontend service for managing users and designing SMS alert templates using Vue.js. and Nuxt.js technologies
  • I implemented a backend service exposing RESTFul APIS authenticated with JWT using Spring Boot Java with Hibernate interacting with Postgres & OracleDB databases
  • Used JWT and OAuth2 authentication services to secure the APIs with JWT for the frond end service and OAuth2 for external applications wishing to consume the service and send SMS alerts.

Skills used: OracleDB, Vue.js, Postgres, Nuxt.js, Java

Neptune Software Group     Agency Banking     Software Engineer     Employment
Jan 2018 - Aug 2018

  • I designed and implemented a RESTful APIs exposing statistical data using Go for reporting employee performance using information from issue resolution.
  • Using Vue.js, I designed a robust, responsive and efficient front agent management portal an agency banking service.
  • I implemented a transaction validation and processing components in Java using the Facade design pattern improving on performance of the service.
  • I designed and developed an alerts service using Java to dispatch SMS alerts for performed transactions

Skills used: REST, Java, Vue.js, Go

Neptune Software Group     Software Engineer     Full Stack Developer     Employment
Dec 2017 - Mar 2018

  • I implemented a reporting utility using vue js consuming apis written in Go
  • I implemented financial processing RESTful endpoints in Java using Spring boot with OAuth2 scheme as authentication service.
  • I implemented an offline transaction processing solution exposing RESTful APO using Spring boot and mapping them to ISO8583 fields for integration with ATM Switch.
  • I designed a management front end portal using Vue.js enabling users monitor and manage the sms platform.

Skills used: Java, Vue.js, Go

Neptune Software Group     Conkev ML     Full Stack Developer     Contract
Jun 2016 - Oct 2017

  • I designed and developed synchronisation services using JDBC syncing data between Microsoft SQL Server and MariaDB for Conkev anti money laundering system to analyse.
  • Implemented anti money laundering rules using Java and SQL analysing thousands of records near realtime with realtime reporting on transactions violating the rules.
  • Scripted startup/stop scripts and scheduled tasks using Python and Linux cron jobs.
  • Implemented RESTFul services exposing computed data for reporting and analysis using Spring Boot Web with Java.

Skills used: Microsoft SQL Server, Python, MariaDB, Java

Neptune Software Group     Software Engineer     Full Stack Developer     Employment
Jun 2017 - Aug 2017

  • Designed a module to integrate USSD requests to core banking using Java
  • Implemented an offline transaction service using Spring Boot utilising Quartz scheduler to schedule tasks including balance updates and delayed transaction position.

Skills used: Java

Afrosoft IT solutions     Innovations     Student     Contract
Jul 2013 - Aug 2013

  • Worked on the traffic lights control module simulation using LED, Netduino controller and servo motors in C#.
  • Implemented a self guiding car robot to dodge obstacles as a prospect for future self driving cars
  • Designed and implemented a robotic arm to help the elderly with house tasks. Was able to achieve sugar stirring using servo motors and an Arduino board among others for embedded software projects.

Skills used: C, C#, Embedded Software, Arduino


Makerere University    B.Sc Software Engineering  (Software Engineer)
Aug 2010 - Jun 2014


Software Engineering    College of Computing & IT
Aug 2010 - Jun 2014
Skills learnt: Java, SQL