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Salim M - PHP developer
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Salim M

I'm a web / mobile developer developer with a master's degree in Computer Science specialized in Educational technology. I'm especially keen on exploring new technologies out of my comfort zone. I've been picking up standing codebases and making changes to them as well as creating new codebases from the software specification and up to a finished product

Skills:   PHP  ·  JavaScript  ·  MySQL  ·  Wordpress  ·  Vue.js  ·  Android native app development  ·  Java  ·  Python  ·  Flask  ·  Ionic  ·  Angular  ·  MongoDB  ·  Laravel  · 
Weekly Availability: 70 hours
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Hourly Rate: $15.00
Experience: 6+ yrs
PHP: 3 yrs
JavaScript: 3 yrs
MySQL: 2+ yrs
Wordpress: 2+ yrs
Vue.js: 2 yrs
Android native app development: 1 yrs
Java: 1 yrs
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Self Employed     Ecommerce     Freelance Full Stack Developer     Contract
Feb 2020 - Present

  • Developed a Vue.js ( JavaScript ) web app with Wordpress as a backend, to showcase a suite of products for a corporate client.
  • Readapted an existing PHP API to a get data from another MySQL database than it was originally made for

Skills used: MySQL, Wordpress, JavaScript, Vue.js, PHP

Wahrfood     Full Stack Developer     Employment
Nov 2019 - Jan 2020

  • Helped build a food delivery app suite, with Angular and Ionic on the front end, Flask ( Python ) in the Backend, and MongoDB as a DB
  • Reduced delivery time by making the order notifications more noticeable to different order actors.
  • Rewrote repeating code as reusable Angular components.

Skills used: Python, Flask, Ionic, Angular, MongoDB

Link to the project:
HT - Oran / Ktalyse Group France     ERP     Contract Web Developer     Contract
Sep 2019 - Oct 2019
Arts and Entertainment

  • Worked on an ongoing project where an Enterprise resource planning (ERP) system is developed as many cooperating web applications.
  • Learned the basics of Laravel (PHP) and Codeigniter (PHP) in a short time and made quick contributions to the backend.
  • Made changes as well as additions to the JavaScript frontend and to the MySQL DB using ORMs

Skills used: MySQL, JavaScript, PHP, Laravel

Innovio Group     Websites and App     Web / Mobile Developer     Employment
Jan 2019 - Jul 2019

  • Got to start many projects from start to finish including the company's website (PHP, Wordpress, JavaScript) Developed custom Wordpress / Woocommerce plugins and tweaks.
  • and a prototype of an android native mobile app (Java, Android native app development ).
  • Helped coworker work on his Odoo ERP Project (Python, Postgres)

Skills used: Wordpress, Android native app development, JavaScript, Java, PHP

Link to the project:
ISSAL FlexCloud     Mobile Sync App     Contract Mobile Developer     Contract
Jul 2015 - Sep 2015

  • Developed an Android ( Java ) app intended for an Algerian mobile network operator, including features such as communication with a server (PHP, MySQL ), storage and syncing of contacts and calendars
  • I also developed functionalities for automatically process received SMS.
  • Android native app development

Skills used: Java, MySQL, PHP, Android native app development


Oran's Science and Technology University    Master's  (Computer Science)
Sep 2015 - Jun 2017
Oran's Science and Technology University    Licenciate  (Computer Science)
Sep 2012 - Jun 2015