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Trevor K

I am a self-taught web developer majoring in Frontend development for several years now. I have been working with JavaScript frameworks such as ReactJs and Emberjs but have the flexibility to adapt to others such as Angular, Vue, and React Native. I can also do backend updates for NodeJS and PHP/Laravel. I am good at creating and implementing markup layouts. I also do web design for some of my clients.

Skills:   React  ·  React native  ·  Sass  ·  Photoshop  ·  Adobe XD  ·  Nodejs  ·  Ember.js  ·  Laravel  ·  HTML  ·  AJAX  ·  jQuery  · 
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Hourly Rate: $25.00
Experience: 3 yrs
React: 2+ yrs
React native: 2+ yrs
Sass: 2 yrs
Photoshop: 2 yrs
Adobe XD: 2 yrs
Nodejs: 1+ yrs
Ember.js: 1+ yrs
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Anapanda     Asha     Front End Developer     Employment
Apr 2020 - Present

  • I built a google/Jira like user profiles where almost unique icon colors are generated for new users with no profile images with Ember.js components and used SASS for stylling.
  • I built the admin dashboard for admins to track entrepreneurs feedback on surveys filled in allignment wirth the entrepreneurs KPIs using CSS grids and SASS to style my ember components.
  • I added charts so that entreprenuers can visually compare their revenues and expenses with time using ChartJS.
  • Built a popover component that handles all custom popups, tooltips and modals on the entire platform
  • Worked with nodejs, knex, objection js and postgresql on the backend for the CRUD for commitments, comments and snaps. Worked queries and routes to do the summary of commitment activitie.

Skills used: Nodejs, Ember.js, Sass

Modtechy Limited     ABMOLINKS Website     Web Developer     Employment
Oct 2019 - Present

  • I designed the UI for the website on adobe XD and also generated some icons with XD.
  • I used photoshop to enhance images and also to generate some icons.
  • I built the layout with ReactJS and used emailjs to enabling contacting as the website has no backend and used SASS for styling.
  • Worked on a task planning and reflections app.The app is still under development. I worked on a calendar integration with React Native.

Skills used: React native, React, Photoshop, Sass, Adobe XD

Link to the project:
Andela     Watchtower     Software Engineer     Employment
Jul 2019 - Oct 2019

  • I built laravel backend api endpoints for a feature that enabled managers to view and also approve or reject different candidates who applied to join their teams.
  • I implemented the frontend for candidate listing, aproval and rejection using React JS, React Native and SASS.
  • I built a frontend feature that enables a page to transition smoothly when hiding and showing asides that are by default hidden and also ensured no overflows in the data.
  • I worked on modals for confimation and also updated buttons to enable loading to occur withibn the button after an action is called.
  • I was in a SCRUM setting and we had 2 week sprints with daily standups.

Skills used: Laravel, React native, React

Compwiz Creations     Compwiz CRM     Full Stack Developer     Internship
Apr 2019 - May 2019

  • I built the client viewing, adding, editing funtionality using Laravel.
  • I built the prroduct and service CRUD and charging functionalities which included sendiung invoices and making updates upon invoice payments with Laravel.
  • I built the invoice PDF generation functionality.
  • I used HTML and CSS to build all client, product and service views while using Jquery and Ajax to send requests to the server.
  • I implemented a double-entry like structure where assets, expenses and incomes were computed and also generated a balance sheet for this.

Skills used: Laravel, HTML, jQuery

Compwiz Creations     Wavuti Shule     Full Stack Developer     Internship
Feb 2019 - Apr 2019

  • I used laravel to develop the backend for the Kenyan 8-4-4 curriculum exam module to allow teachers to feed in results for students the totals, averages and positions are computed and generate report.
  • I used Jquery/AJAX to send requests to the backend to create & update records for student results by teachers.
  • On an e-learning update, added an online examining module to enable teachers to set questions of different types and also display formated questions to students to answer using Laravel .
  • On the e-learning update, I used vanilla JS to hangle most of the frontend displaying logic and JQuery/AJAX to send requests on question creation.
  • I used HTML and CSS for creating views in both exam modules.

Skills used: Laravel, HTML, AJAX