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Vaibhav B

I am a Data Scientist, with almost 3 years industry experience of working into Machine Learning , Deep Learning, AI and Analytics. I am proficient in Software Development, Machine Learning and AI. With an ability to assimilate new research & technologies, I have expertise in systems based around python. I am looking for new opportunities in the field of ML and AI while working on various research ideas and implementing them.

Skills:   Python  ·  Computer vision  ·  C++  ·  Tensorflow  ·  Deep learning  ·  Jupyter  ·  Data Science  ·  scikit-learn  ·  Linux  ·  NoSQL  ·  Firebase  ·  Android native app development  ·  Flask  ·  AWS  ·  PyTorch  · 
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Experiences     Computer Vision : Style Transfer     Software Developer     Employment
Jan 2020 - Jan 2020
Arts and Entertainment

  • This is a research project into AI and Computer Vision using latest research with GAN to build a Style Tranfer Neural Network into Arts and Entertainment Industry
  • Using a huge High Resolution Image Dataset for Image Segmentation Task
  • Implementing the ideas from GAN research into a custom Neural Network with inputs from segmentation model, to produce perceptually appealing and outputs
  • Used Pytorch and its other APIs to train and deploy the model with Flask and NginX
  • Deployed the system and backend setup on AWS EC2 for application server with AWS RDS support for image database and AWS S3 for storage support

Skills used: Flask, Computer vision, AWS, PyTorch

EXL Services`     Claim Denial Prediction     Software Developer     Employment
Sep 2018 - Mar 2019

  • Build a classification model to predict medical claim denial for medical Insurer. Turned into positive rating for our client (Insurer) and positive dollar savings
  • This was data analytics and data science project with objective to find insights into end-to-end claim process
  • A very through EDA on the data available on the datawarehouse (Hive and SQL) was the key to success in this project
  • Used Python and Jupyter for EDA. PySpark Hive and SQL to interact with Datawarehouse. Trained a classifiaction model using RandomForest from scikit-learn
  • Deployed machine learning model into a Linux based production server

Skills used: Python, scikit-learn, Data Science, Jupyter, Linux

Capgemini     HandGesture Recognition     Software Developer     Employment
Jan 2018 - Sep 2018
Media and Communication

  • This was a POc back when tensorflow was just a project. We were building our AI capability to showcase it to clients and my prior experience into Machine Laerning gave me an edge to build a NN Model
  • Used Tensorflow with its python api on GPU with cuda 8 and C++ libraries. Used COCO API pre-trained Network to train a custom Object Detector
  • Studied Deep Learning, Computer Vision and Neural Networks research paper to implement a real time object detection system
  • Used OpenCV's Python API to interact with the Video Camera

Skills used: Python, Tensorflow, Computer vision, C++, Deep learning

Capgemini     Android App     Software Developer     Employment
Sep 2017 - Dec 2017
Food and Agriculture

  • Build a simple andorid app for a Big US client from Agriculture Industry.
  • It was a Android native app development with firebase NoSQL DB support

Skills used: Android native app development, Firebase, NoSQL


Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur    B.Tech  (Civil Engineering)
Jul 2013 - Jun 2017