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Victor G

I have program/database analysis experience, back end developer experience in Python, and UX research experience. Proficient at preparing work flow charts and diagrams using knowledge of computer capabilities, subject matter, programming language, and logic. Database design/administration experience - design, implementation, and modification. I am always looking for new opportunities to learn and share my knowledge.

Skills:   Excel  ·  Python  ·  SQL  ·  JavaScript  ·  MySQL  ·  HTML  ·  UX Research  ·  Git  ·  Jupyter  · 
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FCT High Court of Justice     Case Management system     Developer     Employment
Feb 2020 - Present

  • Optimized database queries to reduce execution time by up to 70%.
  • Collaborate with inter-departmental teams on project requirements, manage hosting environments using python.
  • Storing and updating data records using excel.
  • Use Git as a version control system to fit the needs of the department.
  • Using Jupyter for Data analysis.

Skills used: Jupyter, Git, Python, Excel

Link to the project:
ECOWAS     Creation of a Web Platform for Zoonotic/Transboundary diseases     Developer     Contract
Oct 2018 - Feb 2021
Food and Agriculture

  • Collected and collated data from the different West African countries to use to create the online application. Needed to report transboundary/zoonotic diseases using Excel & MySQL.
  • For the research part of the project, we conducted UX research via usability tests, A/B testing and user interviews to check for any issues arising from using the application.
  • Graphic design and Photoshop was used to make mock ups of the front end of the application using the colours and fonts agreed upon by the stakeholders.
  • Python was used in collaboration with Javascript as both languages are very scalable.
  • HTML was used in making the web programming component of the application.

Skills used: JavaScript, UX Research, Python, Excel, HTML, MySQL

Link to the project:
FCT High Court of Justice     Electronic Processor     Developer     Employment
Jun 2012 - Dec 2016

  • Trained personnel to develop a processing system for storing data using MySQL.
  • Evaluated performance of data processing staff for productivity, capability and technical expertise using excel as a repository.
  • Developed standard operating procedures for effectiveness and efficiency using python to create said SEO.
  • Resolved issues relative to computer operations or data processing results.
  • Involved in the Building of frameworks to make it easier to program again.

Skills used: SQL, Python, Excel


Covenant University    BSc  (Computer Science)
Sep 2006 - Jul 2010