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Walugembe P - Postgres developer
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Walugembe P

I am a highly motivated and progress-focused software engineer with a long standing background in the software development industry. I have strong analytical, verbal, and written communication skills and a deep passion for problem solving. I have extensive experience as a remote developer. I am a team player with a great attitude to get work done.

Skills:   Postgres  ·  Redis  ·  Python  ·  Django  ·  Web scrapers  ·  Drupal  ·  Wordpress  ·  Flask  ·  Pandas  ·  GraphQL  ·  Bootstrap  ·  MySQL  ·  JavaScript  · 
Weekly Availability: 50 hours
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Hourly Rate: $19.00
Experience: 5 yrs
Postgres: 3+ yrs
Redis: 3+ yrs
Python: 3 yrs
Django: 2+ yrs
Web scrapers: 2 yrs
Drupal: 1+ yrs
Wordpress: 1+ yrs
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Tunga     Hefaistos     Software Developer     Contract
Mar 2020 - Present

  • Python was used because of it's ecosystem and tools available to accomplish the scraping task. I used python built framework Django to build the solution
  • Django for building the Backend API. Django encourages rapid development and clean, pragmatic design. Django REST Framework is a powerful tool for web APIs.
  • Postgres was used mainly because of its full-text search feature, which is highly used to filter jobs as required by the marketing team at Tunga,
  • Web scrapers were built with Scrapy, a power scraping framework, this was integrated as a Django application.
  • Redis and celery were used to automate website scraping, by scheduling the scraping processes to run repeatedly.

Skills used: Python, Web scrapers, Redis, Postgres, Django

Link to the project:
Andela     Tracer     Software Developer     Contract
Apr 2019 - Nov 2019

  • Django custom authentication back-end to supplement the social authentication that was in use for Tracer labs clients.
  • Python was used because a number of tools required in the data science space are python based.
  • Pandas was used to build data manipulation pipelines, it enabled faster data processing.
  • Postgres was used for data storage, for faster retrieval given its full text search capabilities.
  • Redis was used for caching and background tasks as a celery broker.

Skills used: Python, Pandas, Redis, Postgres, Django

Andela     Catalant     Software Developer     Contract
Oct 2018 - Jan 2019

  • Python was the language used to build the application. It was a elite jobs listing tool.
  • Flask a python framework was used to add a next steps functionality to make users aware of the steps they would have to carry forward next
  • MySQL was used to store data. Data was modeled and then using migration the models were created as tables
  • Bootstrap was used for styling across the tool. I did maintenance on a number of pages, updating them as per client request and improving appearance.
  • Javascript was used in submitting requests, popping modals, to display and collect data.

Skills used: Python, Flask, Bootstrap, JavaScript, MySQL

Andela     MRM     Software Developer     Contract
Apr 2018 - Aug 2018

  • Flask a python framework was used to build the backend of the application which manages the meeting rooms use in andela offices.
  • GraphQL was used to build endpoints to be consumed by the front end application. This enables getting data that is only required by the consumer.
  • Postgres was used for data storage, for faster retrieval given its full text search capabilities.
  • Redis was used for caching, and background tasks as a celery broker.

Skills used: Flask, Redis, GraphQL, Postgres

Oratec LTD     SAMS     Software Developer     Contract
Jan 2017 - Mar 2018

  • Wordpress was used for building and maintaining client websites
  • Drupal was also used to build and maintain client websites

Skills used: Drupal, Wordpress


Makerere University  (Computer Science)
Aug 2012 - Dec 2016