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ManiMe - Adobe Illustrator, 3D modeling, .obj files, Autodesk, .dxf files, AutoCAD

Our software was designed to output a 3D model based of the customer's pictures we get. And it exports an .obj 3D file however we need that information in 2D in a .dxf file that we open with Adobe Illustrator, so that this file is used by the laser cutter our 3D expert engineer has been able to generate a .dxf file that works in Autodesk but not in Adobe illustrator and we don't know how to solve this so we would need an engineer to do a brief job to support us to make that export to .dxf so that the file can be open in Adobe Illustrator and exported the areas of expertise should be: - .dxf files - CAD modelling - Adobe Illustrator - Autodesk - coding - .obj files and 3D modeling

Years: Any

Location: Anywhere

Requested on: 2019-03-12