Green leaf

TruePartner - Python, Python Selenium

I am looking for an engineer with experience scraping LinkedIn with Python / Python Selenium. I am building some lists of the most important people for my company including potential Customers, Investors, and Advisors. It is largely CEOs, CROs, VCs, Angels, and Accelerator Partners. I have added about 2000 so far and I’m expecting to add about 1000 more. So lets assume I finish with 3000. I would like to scrape my mutual connections off each of these 3000 individuals to see who are my most ‘connected’ connections. I’d like to rank my connections by how many times they were mutual connections on my list of 3000 potential Customers, Investors, and Advisors.

Years: Any

Location: Africa,Asia,Europe,Latin America,Middle East,Oceania,South Asia

Requested on: 2019-05-28