Green leaf

Spontit - NoSQL, SQL, Java, HTML, CSS, Python, JavaScript, Swift, UI Design, UX Design, DynamoDB, Flask, React native, Android native app development, iOS native app development, Windows Application Development, Mac Application Development, Chrome Extension Development, Firefox Extension Development, Safari Extension Development, XCode, Android Studio, Deep learning, Cyber Security, Data Analytics, AWS EC2, AWS CloudFront, AWS S3, AWS DynamoDB, AWS ECR, AWS Elastic Beanstalk, AWS ElasticMapReduce, AWS Key Management Service, AWS RDS, Google Cloud, AWS

Spontit will be the next unicorn by revolutionizing the way we send and receive notifications. As a Software Engineer at Spontit, you will learn about several core AWS services, serverless architecture, CSS/HTML, Python/Flask, Swift, mobile engineering/MVC, business development, and more. We're looking for a generalist - someone with experience in writing code and who can learn quickly. Particular experience in one thing less important.

Years: Any

Location: US and Canada

Requested on: 2019-07-31