Green leaf

Mauna - Python, PyTorch, Natural language processing, Tensorflow

Remote OK but in-person preferred; Market salary and equity options; 5+ year experience or equivalent research achievement. We are looking for a Natural Language Processing Engineer to help us create NLP primitives that offer a more familiar mental model for Conversational UX developers. Your responsibilities include collecting data on natural language development usage and transforming that into useful insights/features for the Mauna platform. To succeed in this role, you should possess outstanding skills in statistical analysis, machine learning methods and text representation techniques. Note to data scientists: we are extremely particular about code hygiene and following best practices so please make sure you feel that that'd be a good environment for you. NOTE THIS IS A FULL-TIME OPPORTUNITY SO ONLY ACCEPT IF INTERESTED IN A FULL-TIME JOB.

Years: Any

Location: Anywhere

Requested on: 2020-08-05