Green leaf

BaiduVentures - Web scrapers, Python, Selenium, JavaScript

build a web scraper to track important people in AI/robotics – send us alerts if someone has left their company and started something in stealth (ex. VP of engineering, head of AI labs in companies). Build in a way so that we can select/deselect on both the fields as well as the criteria in the fields. Primary filter: large companies w/ strong AI teams, larger series B stage AI startups that have gotten funding beyond $20MM for now Secondary filter -titles: VP of engineering, Head of ML, Lead CV, etc. -who went to top universities: Stanford, Berkeley etc. -have a PhD in ML, AI, NLP, etc. -have a master’s degree in computer science, AI, etc. -LinkedIn updates: updated profile to leaving their original company and currently in “stealth” or “new startup”, published posts on next play -other websites? -other filters? -fill out the"etc." parts above to have an exhaustive list

Years: Any

Location: Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America, Middle East, Oceania, South Asia

Requested on: 2020-08-07