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GrantCircles - SQL, Python, Postgres, MySQL, R for Statistics

The Federal Reserve estimates that nearly half of American families cannot pay for an unexpected $400 expense without borrowing or selling something. Small shocks derail financially fragile households; Pew finds that 60% of households experience at least one shock annually that causes sustained material hardship. Further, financial strain among workers exacts enormous costs on businesses through lower productivity and worker retention -- the Center for Financial Services Innovation estimates the bottom line cost to the employer at $7,000 per worker per year. We hypothesize that small cash transfers, delivered in the right way, at the right time, can drive positive changes -- for both workers and employers -- that far outweigh their upfront costs. Grant Circles is building a platform that integrates data from various sources to facilitate the provision of timely, small-dollar financial assistance. Subsidized by the employer, the small-dollar grants will drive improved financial health for workers while driving employer savings (from improved productivity and retention) that outweigh the initial outlay in financial assistance. We are currently launching our first pilot of the solution, where we are collecting data from 50-100 workers, including app usage data, financial health surveys, and data directly from the workforce on turnover, absenteeism, and productivity. This will be the first quantitative data that we collect that can help us start to address key business hypotheses and build the case for testing our solution at scale. Grant Circles is supported by Flourish Ventures and The Robin Hood Foundation, is a part of the Harvard innovation lab’s Venture Incubation Program, and was a finalist in the 2019 Harvard President’s Innovation Challenge (Social Impact track). The Data Analyst will be tasked with helping us make sense of our pilot data and helping build the initial data infrastructure to process data as we launch additional pilots in 2019. Key responsibilities include: ? Merging data from multiple sources, including the web pilot database, 3rd party survey platforms, Google Analytics, and datasets from our employer partners. ? Cleaning and restructuring raw data from all sources into tidy datasets ready for data analysis. ? Production of summary statistics demonstrating important trends related to product usage, user experience, financial health, and workforce dynamics. ? Creation of standard, automated reporting (to the degree possible at this early stage) to facilitate ongoing tracking of product and impact metrics. ? Correlational analysis of relationship between product usage and resulting workforce metrics (ie. does the product have an impact on employer ROI?). ? Presentation of findings via data visualization and other evidence to put into customer-facing presentations. Required qualifications: ? Experience with end-to-end data analysis workflows, including data cleaning, feature engineering / variable creation, and analysis. ? Experience developing seamless and repeatable end-to-end data processing workflows that enable repeated execution of data analyses on future datasets. ? Comfort generating and presenting conclusions, using charts and summary tables that convey important findings. ? Comfort creating clarity and structure in ambiguous environments. ? Proficiency in MS Excel. ? Proficiency in R or Python. Desired qualifications: ? Experience with common data analysis/visualization R packages (tidyr, dplyr, ggplot2, data.table, shiny) and/or Python libraries (Pandas, Numbpy, etc.). ? Experience working with relational databases using MySQL and/or PostgreSQL. ? Experience (or interest in) mining and leveraging transactional data obtained via data aggregators like Yodlee, Plaid, or Finicity. ? Experience advancing data privacy and information security practices. About the role The Data Analyst will be a part-time role, with the following characteristics: ? 10-20 hours/week from September through November 2019, depending on availability and needs, with the opportunity for extension into 2020. ? Remote engagement, with opportunity to engage in-person if located in Boston, New York City, Chicago, or San Francisco.

Years: Any

Location: US and Canada

Requested on: 2019-08-30