Green leaf

mcmasterofceremonyinc - Git, Apache Kafka, Java, HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, Swift, Angular, CSS Flex, MySQL, Android native app development, iOS native app development, Apache Spark, Apache Jmeter, Apache Hadoop, Facebook API, AWS Cloud Compliance, Paypal API, AWS S3, AWS, Firebase, JIRA

You will be working with the CTO, VP of engieering, CIO engineer should really know the following well: Live-stream backend & front end HTML Developer JS Developer Android Developer skills: Java-Programming language Realm-Database framework OKHTTP-API Framework Android Support Design-Material design Skill sets & server setup: Admin Panel (Desktop ONLY): - setup of Live/Test/Dev environments - MySQL RDS - S3 - Cron, Supervisor, Queue Server, backend, frontend - Connection of components between each other - Autoscale - AWS Certificate manager + Amazon Load Balancer, Let's Encrypt, client's certificate - Deploy - Monitoring - Email Servers" GIT hub or GIT Version control system Apache 2 Web - server PHP 7.1 Programming language Yii2 PHP framework for back-end MySQL 5.7 Database engine AWS Hosting Swagger API documentation tool Angular Front-end logic and functionality External APIs & SDKs: Youtube Apple music Tidal Spotify Firebase "cross-platform messaging solution that lets you reliably deliver messages Socket IO Sound cloud Instagram Tokbox- Makes it possible to add live video, voice and messaging to websites, iOS, and Android apps Omnipay Twillio-Sms gateway PayPal-Payments SDK Amazon S3-Storage Service

Years: Any

Location: Anywhere

Requested on: 2019-09-11