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heinebergstealthapp - HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Django, Nodejs, Agile, Product Management

We are building a learning platform that will be used by students, and clinicians employed in hospital. It will include several modules that include reading, discussion, practice, videos, social networking, etc. Needed - Project / Product Manager who has a good design sense and can also do full stack development as needed. PM is in interested in helping a project move fast, as well as ideally in maintaining and further developing the website afterwards. PM already has a few years of experience building websites, and related skills. We will need this to run smoothly on desktop as well as mobile/tablets and smart phone devices. I hope this person will be able to have video chat conversations with me, as well as ongoing text. For the video messaging needs (community thread discussions and email video selfies) we will be using the ready made products of VidGrid - For the peer to peer learning portion, we will be using Zoom. Backend can be in your language of choice - perhaps node or django etc.

Years: Any

Location: Africa,Asia,Europe,Latin America,Middle East,Oceania,South Asia

Requested on: 2019-10-06