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HeatDance - React native, Wordpress, Android native app development, iOS native app development

iOS + Android native apps using React Native. We need Full-stack - front-end and a back-end that would hopefully work with our website. Time: ASAP Overall app objectives: 1. View dance/fitness videos (paid, by having subscription or purchasing a la carte access; apple pay or google pay) 2. Book classes at in-person studios (booking and pay synced with our website which uses MindBody subscription API) 3. Track fitness progress from monitors (synced with website which uses FitMetrix subscription API) 4. Shop our products & merch (website uses WooCommerce. App could use in-app apple pay purchases) 5. Possibly -- their customized/organized workout + nutrition plan by day DOWNLOAD the TONE IT UP app. (Not the website, that is their website. The iOS or Andriod app) Refer to it for all wireframes and functionality mentioned below. They are a fitness/weight-lifting business. We do dance-fitness so we want a similar app. No server currently set up, no wireframes other than the examples from ToneItUp app. I am good with Adobe Photoshop and XD and could do most of that process with your supervision. I am taking proposals and have a document I can share with some examples of what I want.

Years: Any

Location: Africa,Asia,Europe,Latin America,Middle East,Oceania,South Asia

Requested on: 2019-10-20