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Pariti - SQL, CSS, Python, JavaScript, Django, React, Agile

Pariti is a freelance-based advisory firm focused on growth-stage companies in emerging markets and the future of work. We are in the process of building a web-based platform that connects companies and freelancers and manages the engagement in an automated, secure and transparent manner. We are looking for a Chief Technology Officer who will be our technology go-to-expert and play an integral role in setting the company’s strategic direction and development – someone who will help build a company, not only a technical partner. As a founding member of the team, you will work closely with our Head of Product and CEO to lead a platform from ideation to launch. Initially, you will be in charge of developing an early MVP of the platform and then setting up a scalable infrastructure to take it through Beta and public launch whilst iterating with our team to find product-market-fit. During this period, you will have a chance to stand up and grow and engineering team that will be responsible for scaling and maintaining the product.

Years: Any

Location: Africa,Asia,Europe,Latin America,Middle East,Oceania,South Asia

Requested on: 2019-10-28