Green leaf

TemboAI - Java, Python, JavaScript, REST, Swift, Flutter, React, Artificial intelligence, Machine learning, Agile, Data visualization, Google Maps API, AWS Cloud Compliance, AWS EC2, AWS S3, AWS DynamoDB, AWS IoT, AWS, Firebase, AWS Lambda

We are building an intelligent threat-detection system using indoor positioning and machine learning to model and analyze movements and crowd behavior for security threats. We are hiring for a full stack web and cloud developer to build out our platform. ? Build beta version of new Tembo platform ? Work on front end and back end systems that interact with cloud servers (AWS), integrates SDKs + APIs from hardware system, to deliver a seamless user experience. ? Deliver designs to gain a concise understanding of requirements through strong communication with clients. ? Translate designs to full fledged UI features during development. ? Build, deploy, and manage databases including load balancing. ? Manage interaction with Tembo mobile app. ? Translate difficult IoT and ML concepts into consumable interfaces for users.

Years: Any

Location: US and Canada

Requested on: 2019-11-01