Green leaf

Levo - Nodejs, React

Build a MVP for our retention and scheduling solution in the home care industry. ( Initial designs here ( but expect a simpler version for the MVP. Key sections: Onboarding - Survey flow - (Question) Can we leverage a third-party survey provider like Typeform? Scheduling - Show the default calendar view - Display relevant shift information - Google Maps or Waze integration for directions (?) - Call button - Display open shifts for a caregiver to pick up - "Available to work" flag for caregivers to let managers know they want more work Post-shift survey - Survey flow (same question re: Typeform integration) - Check list with individual questions from a client's care plan (I can show example care plans during the interview if interested) Rewards - Text based notifications (Twilio integration) that a caregiver has received a reward

Years: Any

Location: Anywhere

Requested on: 2020-11-12