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Freelance - Wordpress

Integrate a new site built with html, css, jquery into an existing Wordpress site. Note that I'm looking to replace everything except one feature (LP Login feature) - for that one feature, I'm looking to update ~16 CSS items but otherwise  keep the feature intact. Here's the existing Wordpress site: Here's a mockup for the new site built with html, css, javascript: Here's the code file for the new site: (likely I'll tweak just a few CSS lines soon, but sharing so you get an idea) Here's the CSS items that I'm looking to update for the LP login feature: So the final website will basically look like the new website except that it will have the old LP login feature from the old site (and the LP login feature has a slightly new look with the CSS updates). And the final website will be hosted on Wordpress. Finally, on the final Wordpress site, users should still be able to update content using its content management system, but it's my understanding that that's a given if a site is built on Wordpress Let me know if anything's unclear.

Years: Any

Location: Anywhere

Requested on: 2020-11-16