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AuxinYard - Android native app development, Python, Nodejs

Product Goal: Allow online companies to “ride along” with users that visit their site -- see and hear from their real users through technology that records a user’s screen and audio and presents them with tasks and questions as the user visits the site. The user will be recorded all the way through the end of checkout, so their sensitive information needs to be protected before the screen recording is stored. The ability to record and present tasks/questions will be available as an API, for a digital business that wants to offer this to organic visitors, and as a browser extension for consumers who want to be notified if there is an offer available to complete a ride-along for a site that they visit organically. Desired familiarity with,,, Honey Recording tech: Ability to blur/hide specific fields during screen recording before the recording is stored Automatically identify sensitive fields to be blurred Browser extension: detects if a url has a match in a database and presents the invitation/offer associated with that url present a series of prompts that the user can click through as they complete each task/question presented in the prompt Prompts can be minimized and maximized so the user’s site visit is not obstructed Can launch the ability to record the user’s screen and audio once given access A way to pause and continue the screen and audio recording A way to have the prompts read aloud to the user with a machine voice Intercept: An api that creates a pop-up that presents a series of prompts and records the user’s screen and audio (same requirements as the browser extension) Storage and Review: Storage for audio/video and non-verbal question answers (e.g. multiple choice, ranking, written answers) Ability for client to review the recordings Ability for client to make and download video clips from the recordings Automatic detection of where the different prompts occur on the recordings Metadata: Automatically detect device, browser, location, time, info about the user Client setup: A way for the companies to create the prompts that will be presented to the user A way to preview the prompts from the user’s point of view

Years: Any

Location: Anywhere

Requested on: 2021-01-04