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Hi I'm looking to build an app that helps families, baby sitters, etc manage their schedule. Would be nice for the mobile app to work on iOS and Android (React Native) and for it to use OCR (or an OCR library) to be able to read hand written notes. I am not technical but I am responsible for managing this project so it would be really helpful for the developer I work with to have a good design sense and be able to provide me something visual for every milestone I have to approve. i.e a mockup, then just an app with a blank screen, then a menu, then an ability to see a calendar, then an ability to add to the calendar, then an ability to connect to a persistent db, then an ability to take pictures, then a 1st level ocr implementation, etc. I can't really gauge anything that's not visual (i.e. git commits).

Years: Any

Location: Africa,Asia,Europe,Latin America,Middle East,Oceania,South Asia

Requested on: 2019-11-13