Green leaf

CitrineInformatics - Artificial intelligence, CSS, HTML, Machine learning, Python, UI Design, UX Design

We are building a platform that puts the power of data and machine learning in the hands of materials science experts. This is a unique opportunity to define the UI patterns and UX mental models of material informatics while working in team with a user and workflow centric approach to building enterprise software. We need a product designer that is excited about building a platform where our UX is both a Python client and the UI. This is the chance to develop user vocabulary and mental models for our domain from the ground up. We are user driven with deep visibility into lead customers, and we are moving fast to define, prototype and ship the first version of our next generation platform. As an early design hire you will help to tackle complex challenges, and build ground up experiences, but also be asked to get your hands dirty with customer facing prototypes, component definition, and whatever else needs to get done to scope and ship the first pass of an enterprise platform. Responsibilities Defining UI and UX patterns and best practices for the platform based on industry standards and research and your own experience in building great enterprise software Working with PMs to define ground up mental models for data and machine learning powered tools Partnering and collaborating with a team of designers and design researchers to extend design methodology/practices Working with engineers, product managers, subject matter experts and our professional services teams to undertake collaborative solution design and create compelling approaches to complex technical problems Supporting engineering in implementing your designs through wireframes, mockups and other documentation Skills & Experience 3+ years experience in UI/UX, PM or similar Experience designing data-driven tools such as Simulation, Data Management platforms, Financial Modeling or similar Demonstrated ability to realize complex enterprise products from definition through delivery Demonstrated ability to define tackle complex technical concepts and build powerful tools for experts Demonstrated ability to rapidly prototype and user test UI/UX approaches and implementations with internal users, lead customers and academic partners, and to incorporate these results into future prototypes and product requirements

Years: Any

Location: US and Canada

Requested on: 2020-01-22