Green leaf

Learning Dollars - Google Analytics, CSS, HTML, jQuery, Django

Here are some directions we want to explore right now — we may have a task for you if you are interested — it may entail: 1. We are not minifying our static files (i.e. CSS, JS etc) — should we be doing that to speed up page load time - what do you recommend we do for this? 2. Looking at our robots.txt, our sitemaps.txt and telling me — do you think we will have any duplicate content issues or will all urls be unique for the most part — according to me I think we will not but I wanted to get your second opinion ( 3. Looking at domain within google webmaster tools — looking at the documentation 4. Is there anything we can do to make our website in general or subpages like profiles and jobs and search results more prominent with result features ? 5. Are we using structured data correctly - ? 6. Is there a way we can add our jobs to enriched search results like they show in the example - ? I’m not asking you to answer 1-6 right now. I’m just saying we have this kind of work and whether you might be a good fit or interested. The work would involving learning about stuff in google webmaster tools / google search console and doing some frontend modifications in HTML / CSS / JS / jQuery.

Years: Any

Location: Africa

Requested on: 2021-06-03