Green leaf

AIBuddy - Machine learning, Tensorflow, Django, React, Electron

AI powered video and speech analytics system that can be used across the spectrum of domains to improve presentation while de-stressing the individual. Looking to build an MVP with the following: For our MVP 1. At this stage, I think for emotion we can use google computer vision API and basically detect scenarios where they haven’t expressed joy in a while and just ping them to smile and such — keeping it simple and doable. 2. At this stage, I think we can use / — can you get this working on your local machine? I thought it worked fairly well and it’s ok if the user has to train it as setup phase because at least it worked fairly well. 3. Once you put #1 and #2 on master, we can spin up a simple web app that notifies people to smile and sit straight and start user testing on your first user — me.

Years: Any

Location: Anywhere

Requested on: 2021-10-12